The Newest Road Warrior

Since Reagan has finished her puppy vaccinations, I decided that she could join Keaton and I are our latest Hunt test trip. Keaton and I had reservations about  bringing along “mini me”. It was a 5+ hour drive and a hotel stay. Would she be housebroken in a strange place? Would all the gun fire and barking dogs bother her? I hated to ask my brother and his family to babysit again. So we packed up the pup and off we went.

Well, she was a star! She chilled out in the crate during the drive, went to the door at the hotel room when nature called and absolutely was fascinated with the “dog boxes”. We had went down two days early to train with some friends in Cleveland and she got to “train with the big dogs”. She thought she was “all that”. I think she would have volunteered to be a test dog if the opportunity arose.

She also found herself a new friend, Valor, a 4 month old fcr(they share may 30th as a birthday)  owned by Linda Lowry They were instant buds . They particularly  enjoyed the pigeon house. Keaton was thrilled that someone else was getting used as a pin cushion. Poor Keaton was used to chillin out with me on the bed , but was a good sport sharing the attention.

Maybe next spring she will be a participant in the akc hunt test program.

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