Aunt Whisper

While Keaton and I ran the hunt test, Reagan stayed with the Krulls. Whisper is Keaton’s littermate sister. We have a special attachment to this girl as I kept her a month longer than the other pups in Disney’s litter. She was the only girl in a litter of 7 and I had hopes of having a Disney daughter for my breeding program.Whisper(who I called Flutter) had a beautiful head piece and a gentle personality, but it was hard to overlook Mr. Green(Keaton). He looked and moved like a show dog from 4 weeks. He was the first in the pool and the first to figure out the stairs. He had the looks and drive of a working dog and that’s what I needed.

Reagan was elated to see another Flatcoat .” Are you my mommy?” was her first question to Whisper? ABSOLUTELY NOT was the reply she was given with a “Grr” from her Aunt. Reagan is a sensible girl and she submitted but was eager to play. It was not long before the two were wrestling on the living room floor. Keaton was content to trot around the room with a toy in his mouth and let someone else get puppy teeth in their neck.

Janet and Fritz fell in love with this little Charmer right away and were the best camp counselors.Reagan enjoyed swimming in the lake with her Aunt and visiting with the neighbors. This was her first trip away since the long journey from NC and she handled the trip nicely.

Every once in a while, Whisper comes to Pemberly for a few days if the Krulls are vacationing without the dog. She always fits into our pack like she never left home. I have enjoyed the friendship of the Krulls and  I am grateful to their support through some very dark times in my life. Now Reagan has a new friend and looks forward to return visits to Camp Krull.

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