Winter Blues and Romance

Indiana weather continues to be brutal. We have had  brief periods of moderate temperatures or snowless days.  Just when I start getting hopeful that maybe we could do some field work another storm blast through the state. This week we were pelleted with an inch of ice and the yard is a skating rink. The clinic was closed for two days and  I sat home with the dogs doing paperwork and trying to keep them entertained with hallway obedience exercises.

In addition, We have a dog house guest.Adding four more feet and 1 more tail, sure adds excitement. Lily is a typical happy, energetic FCR whose food drive is even stronger than My Disney’s ever was. You bring out a food bowl and she is spinning in circles and barking. She is so food crazy that I have to feed her in a crate in the garage so she doesnt  plow over my puppy ,Reagan .

High food drive can be a wonderful tool for motivating dogs in performance events, but it can also lead to resource guarding of dinner or treats. Thankfully, these peace-loving flatcoats can put their heads in the same bowl and try to lick out any last crumb stuck to the side . At the same time, I never feed all my dogs out of the same bowl and each dog has a designated feeding location.

Lily has been with us since New Years as Nancy’s husband recovers from major surgery in Indianapolis. She is a beautiful girl and was Winners Bitch and Best of Winners in our National Speciality in Rhode Island in 2009. A national speciality is a show which features only one breed and brings dogs and handlers from all over the country. We usually get 400-600 dogs . It is a great way to see what is being produced in other areas of the country and examine breed type and working ability. If you take home a ribbon in any class or event, it is a big deal.

In order to get winners dog or bitch, you have to beat every regular class bitch. To receive Best of Winners, you beat Winners Dog and the dogs he beat.You can see my blog on Dog Shows under training tips for more details.

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