Food Fest

The pups turned 3 weeks Sunday.  Taylor has begun to stay away from the whelping box more and more as they grow and demand more milk than the bar can deliver.

We decided it was time to start the pups on puppy food. Since teeth are not yet erupted, it is important to grind up the kibble into a powder and soak it in warm water. Some breeders opt to add goat’s milk or esbilac(milk replacement for orphan pups).The gruel is poured into large bowls and the feast begins! It is important to watch them during their meal to make they all are getting what they need.

The mighty three: blue, green and orange don’t even come up for air when the bowls are down. Not to worry though, the little girls, Red and Rainbow are tough and work their way into the mix quite handily. Purple is a smart girl and finds her way to alternate dishes if the big dish is occupied. Well, then there is Pink, she is our drama queen, and if she can’t get in she tells everyone about it with her voice.


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