Getting Ready-the Final Week

It is hard to believe 7 weeks has gone by since the pups came to Pemberly via Taylor. They have all the attributes of an adult flatcoat- their licker works fast and efficiently, the tail wags 24/7, and food is a very important resource. They bounce, pounce and circle laps around the trees .Every once in a while somebody gets too rough and then the victim squeals and run or comes back with those viciously sharp baby teeth at the challenger.

Green was the first to go up a step and not to be outdone, Orange took the entire set of steps the next day. Going down is another story and my deck steps are a little steeper and wider than normal.  Much to my dismay, a few have plunged off the top steps but it does not seem to phase them.

Their attachment to me and visitors has really bloomed as they have become more aware of their environment and we practice recalls in the yard daily. What fun it is too watch their ears flapping and legs flying to greet me with unleashed enthusiasm .

Rather than take them into the clinic for vaccines, we brought the clinic to them. They all got their first vaccines for distemper and parvo, another deworming and microchipping. With the help of JIF, the event went smoothly and no one seemed to be too concerned. Maybe just 1 little whimper was heard.  The mother’s antibodies may interfere with vaccines working so it is important that they receive a full series of vaccines  which are separated 3-4 weeks apart till they reach at least 16 weeks of age.

In today’s world, many people are now choosing not to vaccinate their children or pets for fear of developmental problems such as auto immune diseases and autism in children. However, many of the reports are antidotal and the diseases we are preventing can be life threatening such as parvovirus and rabies. In humans, polio was a very debilitating disease and the development of a vaccine saved most of us from contacting the virus and kids today have probably never even heard of polio. That being said, when and how much and how often should be vaccinate is a debate for another day.

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