Seminars and Classes

Puppy and Me

Puppy and Me is a 4 week puppy class, which includes a Puppy Training manual open to owners and their puppies less than 6 months old. This interactive class includes a discussion on basic puppy care including housebreaking, feeding, socialization, body language, training aids and avoiding common behavior problems. Positive training methods through clickers and food reward will be used.

Class includes socialization exercises, introducing basic commands, playtime and AKC Star Puppy Program test.
Star Puppy Information

Enrollment is rolling, so you can enroll at anytime. The class is 4 weeks.
Mondays at 5:30. Please call Dr Kiley (431.2514) to enroll and complete Puppy and Me Class registration and client waiver forms prior to class.


Requirements: All puppy owners must show proof of current vaccines (as appropriate for their age) and a negative stool sample.


Training Tune – Ups

This is a one hour class offered  with time TBA. It is open to all students who have completed one of our regular classes as well as most house call patients or private lesson students. We will work on a variety of obedience and or rally exercises as appropriate to the students present. Locations will vary.

Requirements: Current on all vaccines, fecal check, MUST notify Dr. Kiley if planning on attending 24 hours prior to class as numbers are limited.

Training Tune Up Registration

New Client Waiver
Info: 431.2514