First Snow

What's this white stuff?

Winter came to Indianapolis with at least three inches of snow and extreme cold. With typical flatcoat enthusiasm, Reagan enjoyed romping in the white powder with no concerns  of the cold. Indianapolis like other parts of the country continues to be pelleted with snow storms making am walks difficult to nonexistant. I do not ask my dogs to work in temps under 20, but continue to walk if we at least get into double digit temps and the roads are free of ice.

I have found an amazing tool to keep me from slipping on “black ice” or packed snow called Yak Trax. They are a tough rubber and coil setup that fits over your shoes . This product has enabled me to keep up our daily walks and can honestly say that I have never slipped while wearing them. Find them at You can find them here in Indy at Rusted Moon in Broad Ripple or Dicks sporting goods.

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