Shades of Gray

two heads are better than one

Miss Pink sees the world for the first time

Miss Pink sees the world for the first time

Ok, If you were hoping for a glimpse into the life of Christian Gray, you have the wrong site. On Day 7-10, we began to see the makings of decent eyelid margins. As of day 14, we have our eyes open! Although eyes are open, visual acuity does not completely develop until approximately day 28. We will not be throwing marks for them yet.

I can also see the ear canal starting to develop as well; however, they still sleep very soundly and appear not to hear the general household noises. I have kept a radio on in the room and vary the stations from talk radio to country music .

At times, their voices sound like purring kitten as they sleep and exhibit twitching and nervous movements. When distressed and can’t find the pack, the voice sounds more like a tiny dog bark.

They look like  wind up toys as they bobble across the whelping box in search of mom and siblings. It is not uncommon to find a pyramid of puppies on the heated fleece pad as they seek warmth. I love to end my day cuddling with a puppy or two or three as they sleep with a belly full of warm milk.


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