New Real Estate

As the puppy grow bigger and more agile, I worried that they would scale over the whelping box which contained them for 5 weeks. I had added an extension to the box by adding a ex-pen( a metal doggy playpen) to the box at that time to give them more room to play and sleep. Last weekend, we removed the whelping box and added a second ex-pen and they are in heaven, romping,exploring and stretching out at nap-time.

We have added platforms to climb on, boxes to chew and run through and lots of toys of various textures. We have also started feeding them separately in crates so we can better assure that all pups are getting adequate nutrition. After eating, we pair them up and ask them to settle in the crates. Most of the crew are adapting well, but we do have some that feel the need to complain with loud, pathetic puppy chatter(we won’t mention any names).

We have also been making short trips outdoors in pairs(its all I can do to keep my eyes on the little black coats). They are quite a brave group in the great outdoors.

The High rise apartments

The High rise apartments


The burbs


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