What happened?

So, I was just bragging how wonderful these litter black fur balls were doing with housebreaking. I think they must have gotten access to the internet( I will blame red or lime green- the overachievers)and saw that they were not going to stay together as a wild wolf pack.

They have become quite the brave little explorers so recalls are becoming less “needed” in their puppy minds as who needs mom anyways? As their senses become more and more acute, their distraction level has increased as well. Their activity level has doubled in the last week as has the amount of “waste”. Some have chosen to not use the provided litter box or are too wired to get their in time. So why waste time eliminating when you can leap over your brother or surprise your sister , who has stopped for a potty break, with a full forced collision .

They have also mastered the porch steps and what a great place to find more trouble. They have also acquired the typical attraction to dirt and a taste for dead grass. Grass is a stable in  the flat coat diet.

This is why puppies should be placed in individual homes and not stay together as a pack. I always get on my soap box with prospective puppy owners and tell them to never adopt 2 puppies at the same time especially litter mates of the same sex. Research even supports this statement as litter mates are more likely to bond with each other than their human and may fight particularly as they approach maturity. It is often difficult for litter mates to determine which dog is the dominant pack member as age and size are similar. Fights between two female litter mates(especially spayed girls) can be more severe than 2 intact male dogs.

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