And then their was one

Sunday afternoon seemed so quiet with just the two pups. Miss Red seemed somewhat concerned about the disappearances of her pack members. Limey-well, not so much.
limey left red rightlimey reassures red(right) that all is well

Limey was staying an extra week so his family could prepare to spend the whole next weekend introducing him to life in Ohio with his new pack which included a two year old flat-coat, Boomer , a lab and a mix breed dog in addition to two teenagers.

We were a little worried how well any of us would sleep that night . Knowing it might not be successful, we left limey in the pen with the big dogs in the kitchen outside the pen. Of course, he still felt pretty alone because the big dogs all curled up in the dog bed in the opposite corner of the room so they didn’t hear him yodeling.

So, I took a small crate in our bedroom and placed it next to my bed. He whined off and on till about 3 am with my fingers resting in the side of his crate. Night two was a little better as he fussed very little and woke up at 3 am for a short potty break but still couldn’t hold it all night. Night three we decided to put Grandpa keaton and Mom in the spare room and see if the babysitter, Reagan would lie next to his pen . She did-boy, do I LOVE that dog.  We all slept GREAT!

Other than adjusting to the sleep schedule, Limey was quite the superstar and just became one of the pack . He was pretty convinced that Reagan was a superhero and whatever she did so did he.nylabone meeting

We got our first major cold snap with subzero weather and snow. Other than some cold paws, he enjoyed the white powder.IMG_0874 IMG_0855

He was true to his temperament test during his extra week with us-a bold, fun-loving,  retrieving  addict. This dog was going to make his way into the flat-coat hall of fame. He reminded me so much of his great grandma, Disney, who lived everyday like it was a party .

Before we knew it, Friday was here and so was his new family. Mary and her daughter arrived from Cinci Ohio to take home Limey, aka George (Pemberly’s Olympus). I see great things in his future and look forward to seeing him at performance events and in the duck blind next hunting season.The Huffords with George

I must admit it doesn’t take long to attach yourself to a flat-coat puppy and I am happy to have found such wonderful home for these babies. Be sure to follow-up on this blog and watch for reports of these puppies as they grow.

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