Silent Night

Having Limey(aka George) stay an extra week helped “ease the sadness” I knew I would feel when all the babies were gone. I am sure it feels the same to parents when their kids leave for college. It seemed so empty

empty nest

empty nest

and quiet(my husband savors the quiet) after Limey left us friday. I don’t think any in the household cried but me. I know Keaton was thrilled to have his headquarters back.

Raising puppies was a lot of work, but the reward of producing beautiful, well-adjusted flat-coats who will be adored and trained by their new families was worth it. I can now refocus on training my own dogs for the 2015 national and giving more attention back to my “neglected husband. All kidding aside, Virgle was very supportive about my care of the litter and has always been my number one fan and assistant at hunt tests and dog shows.

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    Virgle's favorite girl, Miss Red

    Virgle’s favorite girl, Miss Red

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