Virtual Pre-pet counseling –  we will help you choose a breed or type of dog which will best fit into your life through a thorough interview with your family members. Information on helping locate a suitable breeder, rescue group or shelter will be provided as well as discussing health issues, training/exercise needs ,and grooming  of your choices, you can also find more information about all previously mentioned subjects at Bone Voyage Dog Rescue News.  Crate selection and living arrangements best suitable for your household will be discussed.

New puppy counseling – An in home service to help your new puppy settle into their forever home. We will discuss owner expectations and take a look at the home set up to help the puppy settle into his new place and provide useful information for their new families. Topics will include crate training, housebreaking, leash training, exercise, socialization and prevention of problem behaviors such as jumping, barking and digging. Any issues that the family is already having with their new member will also be evaluated. Training aids, reading materials and interactive toys will be available.

Behavior Problems

An extended home visit to evaluate problems with puppies, dogs, and cats. Problems such as anxiety, aggression, compulsive disorders, house soiling, social manner problems, inter-dog or inter-cat problems, geriatric behavior problems, and vocalization will be evaluated and managed.  Behavior modification through positive training methods   and  drug therapy(if needed) will be applied.  Training aids, interactive toys and reading materials will be available on a per case basis. All training aids will be fitted and demonstrated.

An initial interview will be set up after owners fill out a questionnaire or provide detailed history and goals on the pet and their problems. The problems will be identified and a treatment plan will be formulated. Behavior modification techniques will be outlined and demonstrated with your pet and a trained pet. If drug therapy is to be included, Dr Kiley can discuss options and call in prescriptions if needed.

A individualized training program will be printed for each patient, which includes patient assessment and behavior modification exercises through email attachments or regular mail. Follow-up phone calls and emails are unlimited for one year.

Prepare for your session
Put dog up in a safe area for my arrival. Have available high value treats cur into small pieces, such as, cheese, hotdogs, or cooked chicken. If food allergies are a problem, use permitted treats. Sessions last 90-120 minutes.


  • Avalon Animal Clinic (Castleton)-large exam rooms for comfort and quiet practice setting
    Tuesdays 9am-5pm
    Call for fees
  •  Thorntown Vet Clinic (north of Lebanon about 6 miles)
    Wednesday 8am-1pm
    Call for fees
  • Hillview Vet Clinic ( Franklin, In off i-65, 20 minutes southwest of Indy)
    Mondays and Thursdays (8am-5pm)

Call for fees

Two 1 hour visits. We  assess your pet and help design a training plan. Large training room to give dogs space and a place to train and play.  Registered Vet Technician and  Doctor  are  fear free certified (Elite) .


  • Fridays(Dr Kiley will set appointments for in home visits)

Fee is $300.00 for the first hour plus $100.00 for each additional hour.  Second visit is $200.00 with each additional hour $100.
Trip fee: minimum $25(depends on distance from home office)

Introduction document

We ask that all pets be put in a secure location prior to Dr. Kiley’s visit.  Have high value treats (such as hot dog, chicken or cheese cut into small pieces. (notify Dr. Kiley of any food allergies).

Home visits usually last between 90-120 minutes depending on issue and number of pets.

*  Cancellations will be charged a $25.00 fee and require an additional $50.00 non-refundable fee to reschedule.

Proof of current rabies vaccinations must be received BEFORE consult will be confirmed.

Lab work from your vet may be required for medication.

Cancellation policy: A 72 hour notice is required avoid losing your deposit.


Puppy and Me Class:

Our classes are held outdoors in local parks and address basic manners, socialization,and appropriate introductions to new people and pets. This class is designed for puppies 8 weeks- 6 month and size dependent. Sessions are 4 weeks and held in spring and summer months only.

At this time, we do not offer classes for older puppies and adult dogs, but can provide recommendation for positive reinforcement trainers in your area.

Adventure Walks: 1 hour sessions offered for puppy and me graduates and in home(no aggressive dogs). A trip to explore new surroundings, new people, and work on basic training skills with distractions.

Stay tuned. We are currently not scheduling any sessions at this time.


New Pet training form