Litter Theme

Mt._McKinley,_Denali_National_ParkMany breeders can follow their litter by a particular theme or alphabet letter. The first Pemberly litter theme was “Disney songs”, in honor of their mother , Disney. We had Go the Distance(hercules),  Beyond the Sea(Finding Nemo) , Hakuna Matada(lion king) and Give a little Whistle(Snow White) to name a few.

Ten years later, we have Mountain Names.  We chose this name as both my new husband, Virgle Beeler and I enjoy the outdoors. We were married October 3rd, two years after we met. We spent our honeymoon out west hiking at several National parks. Although I am afraid of heights, I made it through hikes on the North Rim at Grand Canyon and switchbacks at Bryce Canyon in Utah.

There are lots of choices so we will have to wait till their new owners put on their registration papers in 7 weeks.

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